Stephen Rushton - Founder

I am Stephen Rushton. I founded Rushmada in 2018. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I have twenty years of software development experience.

My first significant job out of college was with a telecom billing system provider. I was promoted to an Senior Software Engineer after being in the company less than a year. Around a year and a half after this I was promoted to manager. Then in the dotcom bust and later the telecom bust of the early 2000s hit. My original company had been acquired twice during that period.

The telecom billing portion of the company was being shuttered in the US, so I was transferred to another portion of the company that made automated utility meter reading systems in the utilities sector. I again started out as a Senior Software Engineer, but was very soon included architecture meetings discussing the future of the company. I was again promoted to a manager after I had been there for around a year. It was then that I realized that management was not for me.

I left that company and worked for a little over a year in a company that made warehouse management software. I learned some new technologies here, but it was not something that I wanted to do long term.

I left and joined a startup company. That company provided contracting services while they tried to build their internal business. While there I served as architect and team lead on many projects for companies or different sizes. Then the last 5 years there, I spend all of my time helping create the products need to launch a new company that was being incubated by that company. Additionally, during the last few years I was many hats. I was a project manager, product manager, hiring manager, release manager, DBA, probably others that I do not remember, and when I had time the sole developer for large parts of the application handling bug fixing and feature implementation.

This new company was purchased along with the key employees from the original startup company. I was eventually made a vice president after going through this acquisition. Then there was a subsequent acquisition of our new parent company, then plans to sell our division yet a third time. I decided that I wanted a new challenge and I left to take a break and later create Rushmada.

Please see my LinkedIn profile if you would like to know more.

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