Welcome to Rushmada

Providing independent contracting services.

What Rushmada is?

I created Rushmada to allow me to use my 20 years of experience to help companies of all sizes from my own company. Rushmada is not a staffing agency. Currently Rushmada is just me, Stephen Rushton. I am an independent contractor.

My whole career, I have been thrown into situations where I have had to learn new technologies and businesses on the fly while in the middle of deadlines. I have worked in small, medium, and large companies in my career, and I understand the different dynamics each of those entail.

I am a jack of all trades. Some may say that makes me a master of none, but not in technology. If you are not constantly learning new things, then you will be stuck in the technology where you are a master, but the world has left you behind.

I deliver. I fight hard to manage scope and focus on what is truly needed. Whether this is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or working with business stakeholders to priority which features actually have the best return on investment.

What Rushmada is NOT?

I am not a PowerPoint Architect. I am a Technical Architect. What is the difference? A PowerPoint Architect typically chooses between different Commercial Enterprise Solutions and designs high level how they will interact, but does not typically do any hands on coding or configuration to make this happen. I like to get my hands dirty. I do not want to just go to meetings and generate documents and presentations.

I am not a Web Designer. I am very interested in the design of Web Application and the usability of the application. I am not the person to make you web page beautiful.

I am not Management. I have had different management roles in my career, but this is not where my passion is. However I do like mentoring and leading people, but I hate the day to day administrative responsibilities that typically come with being an manager.

I am not a Project Manager. I have done project management in my career, but this is not where my passion is.


Startup Companies

  • Do you have an idea and need technical help to implement the idea?
  • Are you technical, but need additional help turning your vision into a reality?
  • Do you have a proof of concept, but do not know how to turn it into a production system?
  • Need my help? I can be flexible with rates if equity or some type of partnership makes more sense.

Small Companies

  • Do you have a product that is working and live and are having problems scaling to your workload?
  • Do you have a code base that was created quickly and now has become unwieldy?
  • Did a key employee leave and now you need help supporting you existing code base while to try to find the right full time employee?
  • Need my help? I am not a typical consultant with a cookie cutter recipe. I am pragmatic and can adapt to your situation.

Medium and Large Companies

  • Do you need to create a proof of concept to evaluate a new technologies?
  • Do you have a project that is behind schedule and you just need an experience hired gun to help you to the finish line?
  • Do you have legacy enterprise level software and are looking to move to Open Source Software?
  • Are you thinking of moving to the cloud and do not know where to start?
  • Need my help? I am flexible. I know that larger organizations move more slowly and require more iterative changes to minimize risk.
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